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The Web’s Ultimate Information And Product Resource For Fungus And Yeast Infection, Especially Systemic And Intestinal Candida Albicans Infections



This is a healthcare oriented web site that provides you with access to an unmatched amount of quality information. If you are serious about wanting or needing to know information about fungal and yeast infections this is the best single resource you will find. This web site presents the results of extensive research into fungal and yeast infections and treatment, especially intestinal infections due to the overgrowth of Candida albicans and the pathogenic bacterial and parasitic intestinal infections that are commonly associated with Candidiasis.

The benefits to you are substantial. You get access to a huge amount of quality and important information not available anywhere else. We've done a considerable amount of work in collecting, consolidating, and presenting this information. Our research enables you get to get on with your life. For most purposes, your search can stop here.


We have consolidated a wide range of information from hundreds of web sites into a single resource that is distilled, formatted, edited, and rewritten. It will provide you with a comprehensive source of information that is well organized and very well explained. The major topics covered by this web site are briefly described below. Click on the MENU BUTTONS in the left column to investigate these pages.


In order to understand the nature of fungal and yeast infections, it is helpful to understand the nature of the organism. The Fungus Information page provides a good, mildly scientific but easily readable overview of the nature of fungi and some important attributes that will relate to Candida and treatments. It provides a backdrop for the information on Candida.


It’s important to understand the standard medical toolkit for treating fungal and yeast infections. The Prescription Drugs section includes both a thumbnail sketch as well as a comprehensive review of prescription drugs used for treating fungal and yeast infections. The thumbnail sketch is presented in a brief table that fits on one printed page, with a backup of explanatory and reference material drawn from a number of authoritative sources. You will be able to understand for yourself which medications are likely to work and which not likely to work. Because few doctors actively treat fungal and yeast infections -- other than simple cases like jock itch, athlete's foot, and nail infections -- you may end up knowing more about these drugs and treatment protocols than they do. For your treatment plan, it is very important to understand what is not likely to work, and why.


The Candida General Information section expands on the knowledge base established on the Fungus Information page to explore the topics of “What is a Candida infection”, “How do you get a Candida infection”, “How do you know if you have a Candida infection”, and “How do you treat a Candida infection”. The Candida section includes Candida Questionnaires that analyze symptoms to estimate the probability of a Candida infection. There is a section that discusses diet and its contribution to Candida overgrowth, including an overview of the digestion process so that the important aspects of the Candida diet are readily understood. This section includes links to the most popular books on Candida, including Candida diet books and cookbooks.


The Treatment Plan section expands on information in the Diagnostic Lab Tests section and the Candida section to present a consolidated view of a reasonable diagnosis and treatment plan.


If ever there was a topic where it appears that "nobody knows nothing", this is it. If you've been crawling the Internet (you don't surf on a topic like this, you crawl), trying to understand if you've got some identifiable illness and what you've got if you've got anything, then you may have come across numerous references to diagnostic tests. Mostly, these references are questions ("Does anybody know what a Candidisphere test is? -- Someone said I should have it done.") Most questions go unanswered because its information that’s hard to come by and difficult to understand. But, our page on FUNGAL, YEAST, and PARASITE LAB TESTS gives you one-stop information shopping. It describes all the major tests in clinical diagnostic use today (some are very obscure), identifies some of the test manufacturers that provide test kits and supplies to the diagnostic labs, identifies the diagnostic labs that appear capable in this specialized area of medical science, and provides descriptions of the relevant testing services they provide.

 (In point of fact, the "Candidisphere" test is actually the "Candisphere" test which has been discontinued by the manufacturer in favor of more modern tests. See our page on lab tests for details.)


Another of the most commonly asked questions on Candida and similar discussion forums is "how can I find a doctor who knows about chronic yeast infections, and knows how to treat them?". We can't offer any guarantees, because every doctor has a unique level of knowledge and experience about the topic, and more or less of a willingness to go beyond the bounds of the training they received in medical school. What we can offer through our How To Find A Doctor page  is one of the most comprehensive web sites (the most comprehensive that we've seen) for finding a healthcare professional who might be willing and able to help.


We present an assortment of book recommendations that includes the most popular in each topic as well as some titles that fit in the category of early medical school texts -- more scientific but approachable by the average person. We offer you an easy way to purchase these books through Amazon and Barnes and Noble -- just click on the links provided.


We do not practice medicine here. If you have a medical condition that you believe requires medical attention, seek out competent medical advice from a healthcare professional.