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This is a healthcare yeast infection web site that provides you with access to an unmatched amount of quality information on yeast infections. This web site presents the results of extensive research into fungal and yeast infections and treatment, especially intestinal infections due to the overgrowth of the yeast Candida albicans and the pathogenic bacterial and parasitic intestinal infections that are commonly associated with Candidiasis (the medical term for systemic yeast infections from Candida).

The benefits to you are substantial. You get access to a huge amount of quality and important information not available anywhere else about yeast infections. For most purposes, your search can stop here for information on yeast infections, treatments, and natural and herbal remedies.

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There are a wide range of chronic and recurrent fungal and yeast infections, including dandruff, vaginal yeast infections, athlete’s foot, and jock itch, among others. New information about the underlying cause of yeast infections -- a relatively new branch of medical science -- is discovering that chronic intestinal and systemic yeast infections are at the root of a host of medical problems including chronic fatigue, allergies, chronic infections, and many, many others. And, as you might expect, these intestinal and systemic yeast infections are also the source of other recurrent and chronic yeast infections such as dandruff and vaginal yeast infections. This web site gives you all the information you need to know to diagnose and treat the underlying systemic or intestinal yeast infections.



You could spend endless hours researching medical and natural treatments for yeast infections -- We've done it for you.

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We have consolidated a wide range of information on yeast infections from hundreds of web sites into a single resource that is distilled, formatted, edited, and rewritten. It will provide you with a comprehensive source of information on yeast infections and their cure that is well organized and very well explained. It includes everything you need to know about the diagnosis and treatment of intestinal yeast infections: And, you need to know, because your doctor doesn’t.

  • Analyze your symptoms -- do you harbor a yeast infection?
  • Understand in-depth the nature of yeast infections
  • Lean how to find a doctor who will treat systemic yeast infections
  • Find out about medical diagnostic tests for systemic and intestinal yeast infections; you need to know because your doctor doesn’t
  • Learn all about prescription drugs for treating yeast infections, and specialty treatment programs
  • Find books and other reference sources about yeast infections
  • Learn about dieting to feed yourself and not your yeast infection
  • Discover natural, herbal, and homeopathic remedies for yeast infections to supplement medical treatments, or for self-treatment if you can’t find a helpful doctor

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The Candida AND YEAST INFECTIONS Information section expands on the knowledge base established on the Fungus Information page to explore the topics of “What is a Candida yeast infection”, “How do you get a Candida yeast infection”, “How do you know if you have a Candida yeast  infection”, and “How do you treat a Candida yeast infection”. The Candida section includes Candida AND YEAST INFECTIONS Questionnaires that analyze symptoms to estimate the probability of yeast infections. There is a section that discusses Candida AND YEAST INFECTIONS diet and its contribution to Candida overgrowth, including an overview of the digestion process so that the important aspects of the Candida diet are readily understood. This section includes links to the most popular books on YEAST INFECTIONS AND Candida, including Candida diet books and cookbooks.


The Treatment Plan section expands on information in the Diagnostic Lab Tests section and the Candida section to present a consolidated view of a reasonable diagnosis and treatment plan for yeast infections.



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FungusFocus objective: Information on symptoms, medical diagnosis, treatment, and cure of fungus infections and yeast infections, especially systemic, chronic, or recurrent fungal infection and yeast infection caused by Candida albicans intestinal yeast overgrowth (Candidiasis). For treatments addressing the symptoms of Candida albicans intestinal yeast infection. In men and women for addressing underlying causes of fungus and yeast-related disorders including oral (mouth) yeast infection (thrush), vaginal yeast infection (vaginitis) and  male yeast infection (jock itch). For treatment and supportive therapy of intestinal disorders commonly associated with Candida albicans yeast overgrowth (Candidiasis) including Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS), leaky gut syndrome, intestinal parasite infections (parasites), and intestinal bacterial infections. For symptoms analysis, questionnaires, and diagnoses by lab tests. For antifungal prescription drugs and fungicidal home remedy through natural, homeopathic, herbal, and botanical medicines and supplements.

FungusFocus does not practice medicine. The information herein is intended to help you with greater awareness. If you are ill and need treatment, seek out a qualified healthcare professional. Please see our Legal page for our disclaimer.

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