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Candida Diet Books and Cookbooks

Selected Diet Books And Cookbooks For Feeding Yourself Without Feeding Your Candida Yeast Infection


The following are some of the bestsellers on the topics of low-carb and no-carb diets, and Candida cookbooks. Also see the list of book selections on our page Candida books, and on our page BOOKS ON PARASITES.


The following book selections include the fundamental works by Dr. Atkins, and some of the most popular guides to low-carbohydrate diets.


Book: Atkins for Life

Amazon Sales Rank: #7!!!

Atkins for Life
by Robert C. Atkins, M.D.
January 2003
Average Customer Rating: 
Price range: about $25

ISBN: 0312315228
Hardcover: 256 pages
Publisher: St. Martin's Press

Editorial Reviews
It is bread and not butter that is the enemy in Dr. Atkins' popular and controversial low-carbohydrate/high-fat diet. In In Atkins for Life, he continues his decades-long crusade against low-fat eating. Atkins argues that low-fat meals are high-carbohydrate missiles, causing the body to produce excess insulin, which then produces fat, slows down metabolism, and tips the scale. Instead, he urges readers to stop counting calories and fat grams and start counting carbs to rev up their metabolism and burn fat as an energy source. The question of whether "ketosis," the fat meltdown he advocates, is healthy or harmful is a central question of this sequel to the best-selling Dr. Atkins’ New Diet Revolution. Packed with recipes, menus, carbohydrate counters, and strategies for staying with the plan, this book is less clear than its predecessor. It veers back and forth between how to begin and how to maintain "a controlled carbohydrate lifestyle." It is also more promotional, with photos of satisfied slim folks and pitches for the branded Atkins products. Still, with its pages of testimonials and studies about weight loss, lowered cholesterol, and increased energy, it is hard to argue with Atkins' results. He puts his proof in the pudding.

Book: Dr. Atkins New Diet Revolution - 3 book package

Amazon Sales Rank: #25!!!

Dr. Atkins' Three-Book Package:
New Diet Revolution; New Diet Cookbook; New Carb Gram Counter

by Robert C. Atkins, M.D.
Package Edition January 2002
Average Customer Rating:  
Price Range: about $40

ISBN: 0871319845
Hardcover: 320 pages
Publisher: M. Evans and Company, Inc.

Book Description
New Diet Revolution:
For over twenty years Dr. Atkins' dieters have been successful at losing weight while eating luxuriously and feeling completely satisfied. This is why the Atkins diet is the only major diet on which high rates of long-term diet failures are virtually unknown. This book shows readers how easy it is to lose weight without ever feeling hungry by cutting down on high-carbohydrate foods. Dr. Atkins' revised edition also includes:
* Recent scientific developments that clarify the controversy over which diet is really best for you.
* Frequently asked questions by readers.
* Clarification on misconceptions about the diet.
* How you can interact with the Atkins Center to facilitate your weight loss, health restoration, and dietary enjoyment.

New Diet Cookbook: Dr. Atkins' New Diet Cookbook contains 250 of the most asked-for recipes at the Atkins Center. People dieting the Atkins way are able to forget about counting calories, and feast on steak au poivre, creamy mushroom soup, roast turkey, New England clam chowder, veal scallopini and any number of other succulent entrees. For dessert, there's chocolate mousse, almond cookies, raspberry sorbet, and chunky chocolate ice cream, to name a few. When you follow the Atkins diet faithfully, you will never feel hungry. What's more, it will melt pounds away quickly and provide you with the will to stay at your ideal weight, without ever feeling deprived. This book also provides:
* Scientific and clinical data demonstrating the health benefits of low-carbohydrate eating
* Evidence that the Atkins diet controls diabetes and cholesterol, reverses hypertension, ends fatigue, corrects many eating and digestive disorders, reduces allergic reactions, offers relief to asthmatics, and stops arthritic and headache pain
* Detailed menu plans
* A guide to nutritional supplementation

New Carbohydrate Gram Counter: The easiest way to count your carbs, no matter what diet you're on, is with Dr. Atkins' New Carbohydrate Gram Counter. And it's handy enough to take everywhere.
* Is guaranteed to work for all low-carbohydrate diets
* Has over 1200 listings * Includes brand-name products
* Lists grams of carbohydrates, protein, and fat
* Can be used for weight loss and maintenance
Worldwide, this valuable supplement to the Dr. Atkins' New Diet Revolution has sold 1,600,000 copies!

Book: Atkins New Diet Revolution

Amazon Sales Rank: #13 & #135 (two printings)!!!

Dr. Atkins' New Diet Revolution
by Robert C. Atkins, M.D.
July 2002
Average Customer Rating:   
Prince range: about $15

ISBN: 0060081597
Paperback: 560 pages
Publisher: Quill

Editorial Reviews
Designed to catapult your body into a state of fat meltdown, Dr. Atkins' diet has taken America by storm. It targets insulin, the hormone that regulates blood sugar levels. The bodies of most overeaters are continually in a state of hyperinsulinism; their bodies are so adept at releasing insulin to help convert excess carbohydrates to fat that there's always too much of the hormone circulating through the body. This puts the body into a bind; it always wants to store fat. Even when people with hyperinsulinism try to lose weight--especially when they cut fat but increase carbohydrate consumption--their efforts will fail. This is why Dr. Atkins refers to insulin as "the fat-producing hormone." Dr. Atkins' diet is extremely low in carbohydrates, which helps to regulate insulin production and decrease circulating insulin; less insulin soon results in less fat storage and fewer food cravings. The diet is far from torturous, though--those who've tried it attest that hunger is not a part of this plan. Ninety percent of Dr. Atkins' patients--more than 25,000 of them--have experienced dramatic weight loss. The book includes recipes for such luscious, low-carb dishes as lobster soup, zabaglione, sea bass, and blueberry ice cream, and even includes a carbohydrate gram counter and menus.

Book: Atkins New Diet Cookbook

Amazon Sales Rank: #25!!!

Dr. Atkins' New Diet Cookbook: With Dr. Atkins' New Carbohydrate Gram Counter
by Fran Gare, Robert C. Atkins, M.D.
Package edition September 2000
Average Customer Review:  
Price range: about $15

ISBN: 0871319373
Hardcover: 256 pages
Publisher: M Evans & Co.

Book Description
Great Taste in No Time The companion cookbook to the best-selling Dr. Atkins' New Diet Revolution -- with mouthwatering recipes that go from stovetop to tabletop in 30 minutes or less. Forget about salad without dressing, dried-out skinless chicken breasts, and tasteless steamed vegetables. Forget about tiny portions, no fat/no flavor foods, and no second helpings. Forget about spending hours in the kitchen. With the delicious recipes in Dr. Atkins' Quick and Easy New Diet Cookbook, you'll feast on juicy steaks, succulent chops, and savory egg and cheese dishes, and indulge in creamy sauces and desserts. Based on the best-selling Dr. Atkins' New Diet Revolution, the recipes in the Quick and Easy New Diet Cookbook will let you eat the Atkins way, whether you're just beginning the diet, shedding pounds, or maintaining your ideal weight. Each recipe has a carbohydrate-gram count per serving, and there's even a guide to converting your own recipes to the Atkins standard. Designed for healthy eating, this cookbook will help you produce delectable meals every day that will be the key, to a whole new you.



Book: Living Low-Carb

Living Low-Carb: The Complete Guide to Long-Term Low-Carb Dieting
by Fran McCullough, Frances Monson McCullough
June 2000
Average Customer Review:   
Price Range: about $25

Hardcover: 288 pages
Publisher: Little Brown & Company
ISBN: 0316557684

Book Description
From the author of the best-selling The Low-Carb Cookbook comes the ultimate lifestyle companion to the diet that has taken America by storm--everything millions of low-carbohydrate dieters need to know to succeed at the table, on the road, in the kitchen, and in the high-carb world we live in. In Living Low-Carb, Fran McCullough explains the various approaches to the low-carb diet and lifestyle, and helps you figure out which approach--or combination of approaches--is right for you. McCullough sorts through the various objections to the diet raised by the nutritional establishment and tells you what you really need to know; provides an arsenal of secret weapons; and gives special attention to everyday problems, such as how to handle impromptu dinner invitations. Whether you're backpacking, eating on a plane, or traveling abroad, McCullough shows you how to keep on track while you travel with a minimum of angst.

Living Low-Carb includes more than 175 real-food recipes that are simple, delicious, and designed to keep you eating happily -- and healthily -- low-carb for the rest of your life. As everyone who stays low-carb for more than a few months eventually finds their own way of doing it, Living Low-Carb also features real-life stories from successful low-carb dieters from a wide range of backgrounds. These stories are inspiring and instructive, explaining what people really eat and how the regime works for them. Whether you're a low-carb beginner or a long-term dieter who has already solved your health and weight problem and now wants to stay the course, Living Low-Carb is an invaluable resource.

About the Author: Fran McCullough is a James Beard Award--winning cookbook editor and author based in New York. Her books include the best-selling The Low-Carb Cookbook and the Best American Recipes series, coedited with Suzanne Hamlin.

Book: 500 Low-Carb Recipes

Amazon Sales Rank: #15!!!

500 Low-Carb Recipes: 500 Recipes from Snacks to Dessert, That the Whole Family Will Love
by Dana Carpender
October 2002
Average Customer Review:   
Price Range: about $20

Paperback: 480 pages
Publisher: Fair Winds Press
ISBN: 1931412065

Book Description
Dana Carpender comes to the rescue with 500 Low-Carb recipes. Covering everything from soup to nuts, this comprehensive compendium of recipes offers choices like … Heroin Wings (they’re so good they’re addictive) Mockahlua Cheesecake Meatza (pizza without the crust) …plus dozens of ways to spice up staple dishes such as burgers, omelets, steaks and chicken Readers will also learn: How to make low-carb casseroles that are delicious – without noodles or rice! What to serve instead of mashed potatoes. The secret to low-carb stuffing. The way to satisfy sugar cravings – decadently – and still stay low-carb. The lowdown on low-carb ingredients. Recipes have been tested and proven delicious. They are guaranteed to please even the most reluctant bread-lover.

Book: The Good Carb Cookbook

The Good Carb Cookbook: Secrets of Eating Low on the Glycemic Index
by Sandra Woodruff
January 2001
Average Customer Review: 
Price range: about $15

Paperback: 312 pages
Publisher: Avery Penguin Putnam
ISBN: 1583330844

Book Description
A complete guide and cookbook to selecting and using the best carbohydrates to lose weight, maintain blood sugar levels, and improve overall health. Not all carbs are created equal. In fact, the latest dietary research shows that different carbohydrates have varying effects on the body, depending on the rate at which they raise blood sugar levels-also known as a food's glycemic index (GI). Choosing a balance of foods that are low on the GI will speed weight loss and control diabetes, insulin resistance, and cardiovascular disease.

In The Good Carb Cookbook, Sandra Woodruff demystifies the carbohydrate confusion by explaining the real differences among carbohydrates (baked potatoes are high on the index, while sweet potatoes are low), and shares her secrets for eating low on the index. The book includes an invaluable table with hundreds of common foods and their glycemic index rating; more than two hundred recipes to get people cooking and eating low on the index; and tips to modify high-glycemic family favorites with low-glycemic ingredients, lose weight, maintain blood sugar, and achieve optimal health.

About the Author: Sandra Woodruff, R.D., is the best-selling author of Secrets of Fat-Free Cooking, Secrets of Living Fat-Free, and The Best-Kept Secrets of Healthy Cooking. A registered dietitian with a master's degree in nutrition and food science, she is a nutritional consultant to numerous medical groups.

Book: the Carbohydrate Addicts Cookbook

The Carbohydrate Addict's Cookbook: 250 All-New Low-Carb Recipes That Will Cut Your Cravings and Keep You Slim for Life
by Richard F. Heller (Author), Rachael F. Heller
March 15, 2000
Average Customer Review:  
Price range: about $25

Hardcover: 291 pages
Publisher: John Wiley & Sons
ISBN: 0471382906

Book Description
#1 New York Times best-selling authors of The Carbohydrate Addicts LifeSpan Program and The Carbohydrate Addicts Diet Lose weight and cut your cravings with the first cookbook from the worlds #1 authorities on carbohydrate addiction and weight loss With 250 all-new mouthwatering low-carb recipes from Drs. Richard and Rachael Heller, the #1 New York Times best-selling authors and pioneers in carbohydrate-smart dieting, it is now easier than ever to shed those extra pounds permanently. Unlike many low-carb and low-fat cookbooks, which skimp on taste, The Carbohydrate Addicts Cookbook seizes on the dynamic flavors of a rich crop of foods, from tasty appetizers and hearty soups to succulent seafood and sinfully delicious salads, from vegetarian alternatives to traditional, down-home beef and poultry dishes and easy-to-make breakfasts. With a special section on "Quick Fix Dishes and Snacks," this is the one low-carb cookbook you will rely on every day.



The following book selections are some of the bestsellers for Candida diets and cooking, offering a wide array of meal plans and recipes.

Book: The Candida Albicans Yeast-Free Cookbook

The Candida Albicans Yeast-Free Cookbook
By Pat Connolly, Price-Pottenger Nutrition Foundation, William G. Crook (Introduction)
February 2000 2ND Edition
Average Customer Rating:  
Price Range: about $10

ISBN: 0658002929
Format: Paperback, 229 pp
Publisher: McGraw-Hill Companies

From the Publisher
This is the complete, authoritative guide that shows how nutrition can fight the epidemic of yeast- and fungus-related diseases and disorders including asthma, bronchitis, depression, fatigue, and memory loss. Fully updated, this second edition includes dozens of new recipes utilizing 12 foods that contain the antiseptic enzymes researchers have discovered will eradicate yeast and fungus.

Annotation: "...provides a questionnaire for determining the presence of Candida overgrowth; tips on shopping, eating out, meal planning, & using leftovers; information on foods to look out for; and a handy carbohydrate & calorie counter."

From The Critics: Internet Bookwatch
Now in a thoroughly updated and expanded second edition, Pat Connolly's The Candida Albicans Yeast-Free Cookbook continues to offer the best and clearest explanation of the role good nutrition plays in helping to deal with yeast-related diseases and allergies. From Crowned Eggplant, Mint-Pea Salad, and Sweet Potato Soufflé, to Fish in Butter-Ginger Sauce, Minestrone Soup, and A One-Pot Rainbow Meal, Connolly offers more than 150 delicious recipes for the yeast intolerant diner. Of special note are chapters devoted to "Eating Out"; "A Menu Sampler"; "Candida Folk Wisdom"; "Foods for the Yeast-Sensitive to Avoid"; and "Carbohydrates and Calories". The Candida Albicans Yeast-Free Cookbook is an essential, core title for the kitchen cookbook collection of any family with a yeast intolerant family member.

Book: Erica White's Beat Candida Cookbook

Erica White’s Beat Candida Cookbook
By Erica White
November 1999
Avg. Customer Rating: 
Price Range: about $15

ISBN: 0722538561
Format: Paperback, 294 pp
Publisher: Thorsons

From the Publisher
Suffering from both candidiasis and chronic fatigue syndrome, Erica White embarked on a self-help diet and supplement plan to free herself from illness. Now she and thousands of others have benefited from her four point plan to wellness. When your immune system is not working efficiently, a yeast (Candida albicans) can proliferate causing a wide range of symptoms from fatigue and headaches to weight problems and depression. Nutritionist Erica White has put together order 300 simple recipes essential to overcoming Candida.

Book: Overcoming Candida

Overcoming Candida: The Ultimate Cookery Guide
By Xandria Williams
May 2002
Avg. Customer Rating: 
Price Range: about $10

ISBN: 1843330423
Format: Paperback, 160 pp
Publisher: Vega Books

From the Publisher
Nearly a third of the population eventually will contract Candida at some point in their lives. This hard-to-cure yeast infection produces a confusing mix of symptoms, starting with an uncomfortable thrush infection in the mouth and genitals, and leading to digestive and bowel problems, and even mood swings, mental confusion, and failing memory. While your doctor might tell you what foods to avoid, here are a Naturopathic expert's recipes for what you can eat to bring healing and prevention. Select from a tasty menu of breakfasts, light lunches, main meals, snacks, and drinks, including alternative ingredients for lactose intolerance and other allergies. Inspirational, authoritative advice about healthy lifestyles accompanies the recipes to make your recovery a time of discovery.

Book: The Candida Directoy & Cookbook

Candida Directory: The Comprehensive Guidebook to Yeast-Free Living
By Helen Gustafson, Maureen O'Shea
May 1994
Avg. Customer Rating
Price Range: about $15

ISBN: 0890877149
Format: Paperback, 192 pp
Publisher: Ten Speed Press

From the Publisher
Under normal conditions, Candida albicans lives quietly within our bodies, but under certain circumstances an overgrowth of this usually harmless yeast may occur, presenting a bewildering variety of debilitating symptoms. The Candida Directory is exactly that - a roadmap through the often-confusing landscape of information about this condition. Gourmet author, chef, and former sufferer, Helen Gustafson has joined forces with nutritional consultant, Maureen O'Shea and produced the most comprehensive yet easy-to-use manual for coping with Candida. There is a thorough explanation of each stage of the Candida diet, an invaluable symptom chart and checklist which allows you to accurately gauge your progress from stage to stage, as well as a product and resource guide. Best of all, there are sixty recipes specially created for each stage of the diet, including delicious contributions from Julia Child and Alice Waters.

Customer Review: Comprehensive and Easy to Follow . There have been many good books about dealing with systemic yeast and this is one of them. The large print is easy to read, the explanations are simple, the recipes are great(!) and no other book I've seen has an alphabetical food directory in the back. You can easily see which foods you can and cannot have. A wonderful resource for those trying to have a normal life and good food while getting rid of the yeast.