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Intestinal Cleansing

Treatment For Intestinal Fungus, Yeast, Candida, And Parasite Infections By Intestinal Cleansing


There are innumerable sources that recommend periodic intestinal cleansing for general health purposes. It is almost axiomatic among healthcare professionals that intestinal cleansing is valuable, if not necessary, for those suffering from intestinal fungal and yeast overgrowth, pathogenic bacteria, or parasites. Similarly, intestinal cleansing is advised for those suffering from symptoms suggesting intestinal "dysbiosis" (direct and obvious symptoms such as diarrhea, bloating, gas, acidity, and so on).

The objective is simple -- clean out debris, putrefied food and feces, and solidified mucous (mucoid ropes). Cleaning the intestines will help to expose the yeast, bacteria, and parasites harbored by the impacted debris, enabling other treatments to kill and remove them. Intestinal yeast infections are well-known for causing a host of other symptoms.


"Because today's diet includes huge amounts of hard-to-digest, high-protein foods, our digestive organs are constantly overworking themselves in an attempt to process what we eat. Once they become overtaxed, these organs can't function optimally, resulting in the gradual accumulation of partially digested food in the colon. Studies show that by middle age, the average person has up to 20 pounds of undigested food in their bowel! It is this accumulated waste that provides the ideal breeding ground for toxin-generating, disease-causing bacteria. That's why periodic, gentle cleansing of the intestinal and digestive tracts and subsequent restoration of normal intestinal flora is so important." (Editor's Note: The above quote was extracted from a web site. It presents a typical explanation of why the gut gets out of balance. Replace the "20 pounds" with almost any number of your choosing -- you'll see it on a web site somewhere.)


There are, quite literally, hundreds of products, procedures, and diets for intestinal cleansing.  We offer a number of natural, herbal cleansing products that include fiber, fungicides, and anti-parasitic preparations. Some of them no doubt will work better than others, but there is no right, and no wrong. A simple way to investigate some of these is to search Google with the terms intestinal cleanse cleanser cleansing* or simply click here to launch that search automatically. It returns 5600 web pages, more than enough to get started with. This is mostly populated with product pages from innumerable health and nutrition sales outlets -- many of these product pages have associated information pages that can be quite helpful and informative. Nevertheless, no one can research and digest 5600 pages.

Perhaps a better starting point is the Google directory on Fasting and Cleansing at . It offers a fairly concise listing of information resources, and has access to a number of associated subcategories (Clinics and Practices, Consumer Products, Detox Products, Enemas, Herbs, Retreats and Vacations). Reading a few of the articles at Fasting and Cleansing ought to give you a good overview. (Note: Google is a member of the Open Directory Project, so you may see the same directory from other major search sites and ISP portal pages like

You can join discussion forums and read ongoing discussions from others regarding intestinal cleansing. Read with care, since the sphere of exposure of the participants may be small -- many of the contributors have knowledge of the topic limited to a single product or procedure.

  • One such discussion group is the Yahoo! Bowel Cleanse group.
  • Another is at Curezone: start at the Cleanse page,  then go to the Bowel page, then click on the Bowel Cleanse Forum link which takes you to  an old, archived forum, but which offers a link to the current forum "Click here to access ACTIVE forum". Each of the pages on this path offers useful information.


There are many sources on the Internet that recommend and promote "The Master Cleanser" Lemonade Diet for intestinal cleansing, especially for yeast infections. In reading through forums by users, it may be the most widely used and recommended. Searching on GOOGLE for master cleanse cleanser yields 4400 pages. While this may be the most widely preferred intestinal cleansing program, there is a serious drawback to it -- IT'S UNBELIEVABLY HIGH IN RAW SUGAR. (See our page CANDIDA GENERAL INFORMATION for more understanding on yeast and sugar.) This is critically important for suffers of Candida and other intestinal fungi and yeasts, and could be extremely dangerous for diabetics and hypoglycemics. See our associated page MODIFIED LEMONADE DIET for a much healthier, sugar-free version of this cleansing program.


The liver, gallbladder, and kidneys can similarly become choked (with gallstones, kidney stones, and "sludge" which is solidified bile), and many of the pages you might visit discuss cleansing these as well. For more information you can go to the Yahoo! discussion forum on this topic “Gallstones”. You will see many pages that propose 3-day to 21-day processes for cleansing the liver and gallbladder using a variety of special diets and herbal supplements. One popular variation is an olive oil and grapefruit juice purge, in a complex protocol that takes weeks and utilizes a variety of supplements and special dietary controls.

Our associated page SIMPLE LIVER AND GALL BLADDER FLUSH offers a simpler version of the olive oil and grapefruit juice purge, provided by a personal (and anonymous) source (like so much of what exists on the Internet, other than commercial sources). Compare it to other versions you find, and decide for yourself which, if any, you might like to pursue. Or, consult with a healthcare professional, and follow their advice on the matter.


A note of caution is expressed by a Naturopathic physician on one discussion forum in case you have hard stones: "the process of passing the stones is very painful and can precipitate a surgical emergency. I would not recommend that you try this without the guidance of a licensed Naturopathic doctor. If the stones you have are too large to slide through the common bile duct, I would actively discourage any effort at a liver cleanse or gall bladder flush." Maybe we all should get x-rayed and CT-scanned before we do anything -- use your own judgment.


There is much discussion regarding colonics among the online Candida sufferers and there are many strong believers in the practice. A colonic is similar to an enema, administered by a trained person (many of them licensed) at a facility designed to accommodate the special needs of this treatment. The specialist is usually referred to as a colon hydrotherapist. One therapist relates the process to letting a lasagna pan soak overnight so that cleaning it the next day is easy. Colon hydrotherapy accomplishes the same ease of cleansing on the inside of the bowel. Using hydrotherapy, the colon's walls are flushed with a flow of clear water which removes mucous plus caked-on fecal matter which contains hidden bacteria, parasites, Candida albicans-filled pockets, and other such pathological materials.

“How the equipment works so effectively is nothing short of astounding”, according to one MD who utilizes the procedure in his practice. Registered with the FDA, current colon hydrotherapy equipment is safe. It contains temperature-controlled water mixing and back flow prevention valves, plus pressure and temperature sensors, and built-in chemical sanitizing units. Disposable single-use rectal tubes are employed for sterility.

The individual lies on his back and the trained operator assists him or her to gently insert a small disposable tube in the anus. The gentle purified water is mechanically infused in and out of the colon without any assistance from the individual. Since the equipment is a closed unit no odor is present. The outflow of water removes excess gas, mucus, feces, and infectious material. The inflow of a small amount of water and the release of waste may be repeated again and again. The removal of such waste encourages better colon function and elimination. The session is designed to cleanse from the rectum (lower left side) all the way through to the cecum (lower right side) at the beginning of the colon. The temperature of the water, water pressure, and exit flow are monitored by the trained operator. The pressure is regulated from 1/4 to 1/2 p.s.i. ( pounds per square inch). Most hospitals and enemas use 2 p.s.i. which for many individuals can be uncomfortable. Colonic sessions are very relaxing and soothing.

During the treatment, most clothing can continue to be worn. In addition the patient is draped, or a gown is worn to ensure modesty. The patient's dignity is always maintained.

You can find a referral list at the International Association for Colon Hydrotherapy, where you can search by zip or area code.


* You would search on Google with the terms intestinal cleanse cleanser cleansing because Google, for whatever reason, does not do word stemming. So, if you searched on intestinal cleansing Google would return results only for web pages that have the words intestinal and cleansing, but, for example, not pages that have the words intestinal and cleanse. In word stemming, the search term is looked up in a dictionary to find the root word and variations of the root word. The search is then conducted looking for all the word variations. Thus, if you typed cleansing, it would find the root word cleanse and then all the variations of cleanse, including cleanser, and so on.